All-Natural LymeStop Technique for Lyme Disease

We’re excited to launch our revolutionary LymeStop technique. All of the details can be found at  We hope that it provides you with all the information you need to learn about this powerful, natural and highly effective  therapy.   If not, you can e-mail us at

One thing we have discovered is that almost everyone who is infected with the Borrelia (lyme) bacteria is also infected with Bartonella and Babesia. Also, over 90 percent of people we treat for Lyme also have at least one  viral infection of the liver.  Lyme co-viruses, protozoal infections and  mycoplasmas are the next most common, followed by Ehrlichia.  If any of these infections is left untreated, it will usually flare up in whatever organ(s) it is located.   That’s why it is very important for all Lyme – related  infections to be successfully identified and treated with LymeStop.  We also identify and treat any related opportunistic infections and/or allergies using CBT (CranioBiotic Technique).  This helps them to achieve the very best possible therapeutic outcome. After treatment, most people experience detoxification symptoms for about 6 weeks, and noticeably better in about 3 months.  However, it may take up to a year or more for their injured tissues to totally heal.

Tony Smith, DC

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Expensive and Lengthy Care Isn’t Always the Best

Many Lyme treatments involve a great amount of  time, money, and lifestyle restrictions. However, we have found that the amount of resources someone invests in their Lyme care is usually not proportional to the amount of improvement they obtain.  Many people we treat for Lyme have previously spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on other types of therapy — yet they still didn’t feel well.  Or maybe they felt much better for a while, but then their symptoms eventually returned. Some of these treatments involve weeks of IV and/or other types of therapy that are designed to cleanse the blood and/or boost the immune system. Other treatments include years of antibiotic therapy and other “killer” drugs or supplements. We have found that these types of therapy seldom result in the  elimination of the numerous Lyme pathogens.  And it appears that the longer the treatment takes, the less chance there is of them getting totally well. They may feel better to some degree, but our testing reveals that the majority of  them still test positive for most – if not all – of the common Lyme infections to some degree.

Unlike “shotgun” types of therapy (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen, Vit. C, etc.),  LymeStop can specifically identify, target, and eliminate each individual Lyme pathogen — using your own God-given immune system.  The wonderful thing about LymeStop –other than it’s  amazing results — is that it is all-natural, relatively inexpensive,  and only takes three days to complete. And because the infections  are terminated so quickly, you do not have to make long-term, onerous lifestyle changes — such as trying to avoid electromagnetic frequencies and severely restricting your diet for years.

LymeStop is  a revolutionary new paradigm in Lyme testing and treatment.  I truly believe that within the next 5 years LymeStop will become the the most popular Lyme testing and treatment protocol in the world.

Tony Smith, DC


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The “Lyme Look”

Most people with chronic Lyme are easy to identify by the way they look.   Here are the four primary  components of this particular appearance — which is what I call the “Lyme Look”.

1)  Most of these unfortunate individuals will not have good posture.  Their head and                shoulders are usually in a forward (slouched) position. Their muscles simply do not              have the strength and endurance that would enable them to stand up straight.

2)  They will have a pale, “pasty” or slightly yellow skin color.  This is because they are               usually anemic, and they will also have a sick liver.

3)  Their eyes will look tired.  They won’t have a normal, healthy sparkle —  and they will             usually have dark circles under them.

4)  They may have premature hair loss. This can be caused by Lyme-related iron, zinc and         B-vitamin deficiencies.

Often parents will bring their children to our office to have them checked for Lyme. The Lyme-infected kids are easy to identify, especially when they are standing next to any of their healthy siblings.  Their abnormality of their eyes, skin color and posture is usually quite obvious.

Tony Smith, DC



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Why Most People with Lyme Never Get Totally Well

All of the people we treat for Lyme have at least two Lyme-related viral infections. I  have identified a total of five of them.  I simply call them Lyme Virus A, B, C, D, and E.   The most common organs that are infected by these viruses include the brain, joints, liver, heart, blood, and small intestine.  Antibiotics will  not be effective against these viruses. Antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections.  This is why so many people, even after years of conventional treatment, never get totally well.

If one if these Lyme viruses is infecting your brain, you can suffer with chronic fatigue, cognitive issues, and neurological problems.  If your heart is involved, you can have persistent heart dysfunction that will gradually get worse.   If one of these infections is in your blood (and spleen), you will definitely have chronic fatigue.  If your joints are infected, you will have joint pain and stiffness.   If a virus is infecting your liver, you can have chronic food intolerances and/or environmental sensitivities, and possibly many other health issues.  This is because the liver performs so many different functions. If your small intestine is involved, you can have any number of gastro-intestinal  problems.

With LymeStop, we are able to identify these viruses and their specific locations.  We then use your own immune system to specifically target and eliminate these persistent infections.  One treatment for each virus is all that is usually necessary.  We then prescribe nutritional support for the infected organ(s) in order to help them totally heal.

Tony Smith, DC


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Borrelia Bacteria Hides in Tooth Canals

A popular place for the Borrelia bacteria to hide is the tubules of the tooth canals, where the blood supply is microscopic and slow moving.   It is there that they can successfully evade the immune system — and eventually re-enter the general circulation.  Some with Lyme have stubborn dental pain and/or sensitivity that is caused by these infections.  However, a traditional dental exam will usually not reveal any type of  traditional infectious process.Fortunately, we are able to  localize these infections and effectively eliminate them with LymeStop therapy.

Tony Smith, DC

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Most People with Lyme Have An Infected Liver

Over 90 percent of people we treat for Lyme have at least one viral infection in their liver. They will often present with a slightly yellow or yellowish-orange hue to their skin, especially on their anterior forearms or face. They will also often have difficulty detoxing, or have previously  had severe herxheimer reactions  when they were treated with antibiotics and/or other “killer” medications.  Because their liver is sick, they can also have numerous food intolerances (especially gluten and dairy products). Many will also have problems taking medications — and even natural supplements.

It is important that any infection of the liver be treated — and the liver allowed to heal — before any conventional drug-based Lyme treatment  is initiated.  However, someone who receives LymeStop can usually tolerate therapy  immediately after the liver viruses have been treated.  This is because their body will gradually detoxify over a period of 6 weeks after their last treatment, and the liver will seldom be overwhelmed while it is healing.  However, they may still experience significant detoxification symptoms (mostly fatigue) during that time period.

Once the liver infection(s) have been successfully treated and detoxification has been completed,  the liver will usually regain it’s normal function in about 6 months.

Tony Smith, DC

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New Lyme Protozoa Point is Discovered

A few months ago I discovered a new Biomagnetic Lyme Point that is located on the right side of the abdomen.  It appears that this point represents Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. Dr. Fry discovered this particular protozoal infection not long ago.   It is present in about 35 percent of the people we treat. This infection is located in the blood and spleen.   Symptoms can include chronic fatigue, brain fog, fevers, etc.  The successful treatment of this infection with LymeStop has often proven to be the “missing link” in getting a lot of people well.

Tony Smith, DC

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