Most People with Lyme Have An Infected Liver

Over 90 percent of people we treat for Lyme have at least one viral infection in their liver. They will often present with a slightly yellow or yellowish-orange hue to their skin, especially on their anterior forearms or face. They will also often have difficulty detoxing, or have previously  had severe herxheimer reactions  when they were treated with antibiotics and/or other “killer” medications.  Because their liver is sick, they can also have numerous food intolerances (especially gluten and dairy products). Many will also have problems taking medications — and even natural supplements.

It is important that any infection of the liver be treated — and the liver allowed to heal — before any conventional drug-based Lyme treatment  is initiated.  However, someone who receives LymeStop can usually tolerate therapy  immediately after the liver viruses have been treated.  This is because their body will gradually detoxify over a period of 6 weeks after their last treatment, and the liver will seldom be overwhelmed while it is healing.  However, they may still experience significant detoxification symptoms (mostly fatigue) during that time period.

Once the liver infection(s) have been successfully treated and detoxification has been completed,  the liver will usually regain it’s normal function in about 6 months.

Tony Smith, DC

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2 Responses to Most People with Lyme Have An Infected Liver

  1. sandy says:

    How do you get your liver free of viruses in order to begin your program?

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