Why Most People with Lyme Never Get Totally Well

All of the people we treat for Lyme have at least two Lyme-related viral infections. I  have identified a total of five of them.  I simply call them Lyme Virus A, B, C, D, and E.   The most common organs that are infected by these viruses include the brain, joints, liver, heart, blood, and small intestine.  Antibiotics will  not be effective against these viruses. Antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections.  This is why so many people, even after years of conventional treatment, never get totally well.

If one if these Lyme viruses is infecting your brain, you can suffer with chronic fatigue, cognitive issues, and neurological problems.  If your heart is involved, you can have persistent heart dysfunction that will gradually get worse.   If one of these infections is in your blood (and spleen), you will definitely have chronic fatigue.  If your joints are infected, you will have joint pain and stiffness.   If a virus is infecting your liver, you can have chronic food intolerances and/or environmental sensitivities, and possibly many other health issues.  This is because the liver performs so many different functions. If your small intestine is involved, you can have any number of gastro-intestinal  problems.

With LymeStop, we are able to identify these viruses and their specific locations.  We then use your own immune system to specifically target and eliminate these persistent infections.  One treatment for each virus is all that is usually necessary.  We then prescribe nutritional support for the infected organ(s) in order to help them totally heal.

Tony Smith, DC


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