The “Lyme Look”

Most people with chronic Lyme are easy to identify by the way they look.   Here are the four primary  components of this particular appearance — which is what I call the “Lyme Look”.

1)  Most of these unfortunate individuals will not have good posture.  Their head and                shoulders are usually in a forward (slouched) position. Their muscles simply do not              have the strength and endurance that would enable them to stand up straight.

2)  They will have a pale, “pasty” or slightly yellow skin color.  This is because they are               usually anemic, and they will also have a sick liver.

3)  Their eyes will look tired.  They won’t have a normal, healthy sparkle —  and they will             usually have dark circles under them.

4)  They may have premature hair loss. This can be caused by Lyme-related iron, zinc and         B-vitamin deficiencies.

Often parents will bring their children to our office to have them checked for Lyme. The Lyme-infected kids are easy to identify, especially when they are standing next to any of their healthy siblings.  Their abnormality of their eyes, skin color and posture is usually quite obvious.

Tony Smith, DC



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