Expensive and Lengthy Care Isn’t Always the Best

Many Lyme treatments involve a great amount of  time, money, and lifestyle restrictions. However, we have found that the amount of resources someone invests in their Lyme care is usually not proportional to the amount of improvement they obtain.  Many people we treat for Lyme have previously spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on other types of therapy — yet they still didn’t feel well.  Or maybe they felt much better for a while, but then their symptoms eventually returned. Some of these treatments involve weeks of IV and/or other types of therapy that are designed to cleanse the blood and/or boost the immune system. Other treatments include years of antibiotic therapy and other “killer” drugs or supplements. We have found that these types of therapy seldom result in the  elimination of the numerous Lyme pathogens.  And it appears that the longer the treatment takes, the less chance there is of them getting totally well. They may feel better to some degree, but our testing reveals that the majority of  them still test positive for most – if not all – of the common Lyme infections to some degree.

Unlike “shotgun” types of therapy (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen, Vit. C, etc.),  LymeStop can specifically identify, target, and eliminate each individual Lyme pathogen — using your own God-given immune system.  The wonderful thing about LymeStop –other than it’s  amazing results — is that it is all-natural, relatively inexpensive,  and only takes three days to complete. And because the infections  are terminated so quickly, you do not have to make long-term, onerous lifestyle changes — such as trying to avoid electromagnetic frequencies and severely restricting your diet for years.

LymeStop is  a revolutionary new paradigm in Lyme testing and treatment.  I truly believe that within the next 5 years LymeStop will become the the most popular Lyme testing and treatment protocol in the world.

Tony Smith, DC


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